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Please use this topic to suggest agenda items for our weekly meetings.

This week we will be having a Community meeting, followed by the Developer meeting. 

There's a Backdrop Q & A section at the end of each meeting that is open to everyone. See more information about our weekly meetings.


There has been some discussion in the issue queue and in Zulip about the requirements for adding an issue to the core issue queue. 

In reviewing the official documentation, I was a bit surprised to find this clause in the criteria for adding an issue to a bugfix milestone:

  • a core committer must have stated that this issue is suitable for a bug-fix release.


I don't believe that we've been following this practice. 

In has been my understanding that if one person put the bigfix candidate tag on an issue, any other contributor could add the milestone tag. I've personally, been acting under that understanding. While our bugfix milestone has gotten unweildy at times, the occasional clean-up by a core committer has seemed to keep things in check. 

Having said that, I can also see the value of getting core committer approval before adding issues to this Milestone - but only if our core committers would like and are prepared to handle this responsibility. 

A discussion of this at a dev meeting could be useful!

Concerns have been raised that the recently released Standford Decanter theme might be confusing and problematic for people testing themes that don't understand the specific use case for this type of theme and are not prepared to use the command line tools necessary to work with this theme. 

While I understand these concerns, I'm also see value in having this theme available in our contrib space. 

I think it might be helpful if we spend a little time thinking about how to accomodate both of these positions. How can do a better job of making this theme available, while also limiting the likihood of folks downloading it unexpectedly and having a negative experience.