Is backdrop CMS is good to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard?


(Found this question in github issue queue where it's not likely to get an answer, reposting here in case anyone is still interested. I can't elaborate on exactly what this person is looking for, but if anyone has an idea or suggestions - they would be welcome.)


This is one Drupal module to tackle part of this question:

This module is used for administrators who manage multiple sites, to keep track of them. It's a very simple approach without any bells and whistles, just to give a quick reference of the sites you have.

There are 2 modules here: remote_site_list is for the "child" sites and remote_site_list_parent is for the "parent" site.

Currently only some basic data is collected - Drupal version, module list, and status report page. In the future we may look to collect other things.


This is the drupal 7 module I was thinking of that may be closer to what the opening comment is asking. I'm pretty sure there isn't any porting initiative for it, not even a request, but I haven't looked.

Drupal Remote Dashboard