I have contact information stored in CiviCRM, which underneath the hood is basically Groups with out-of-the-box CiviCRM code added. Have successfully pulled data from various groups to display a list of Board members and their bios, but can't figure out how to structure this data.

What I want, in FileMaker Pro style code:

"<h4>" & [Full Name] & if([Title]≠"",", ") & [Title] & "</h4><br>&nbsp;<br>" & [Bio]"

There's a corollary question in that right now, the Title data is stored in two places: Board members are assigned to a group, but officer titles will be in either a custom field or a tag. Pulling a custom field is easy; I don't know how to display "if the contact is in one of these three groups or tags, display that title." Obviously, could do dual-entry into a custom field, but there lies madness.

Recall from my D7 days that such things are possible, but I'm not sure if this calculation lives in the View or in a custom field in my database. Also not sure how to instruct the View to interpret the HTML instead of displaying it. 


I'm not 100% sure that I'm understanding your question quite well enough to offer a clear solution. But, I can throw out some ideas and you can tell me if I'm missing the point. 

If you are able to access the data you want in a view and your goal is to reformat or manipulate that data, then it seems like you might be able to accomplish that with the rewrite options in views fields. 

Are you familiar with how views allows you to rewrite fields? You can use this option to clump fields together and add extra markup. I believe that all of these options translate to Backdrop from Drupal. 

There are also some useful modules for D7 that allow you to add logic to your views displays, I'm not sure if they are available for Backdrop CMS yet.