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Not all environments allow you to use /tmp directory for temporal storage of application data. I found the following configuration useful for Backdrop on my shared hosting environment:

  • Public: files/public (775)
  • Private: files/private (770)
  • Temporary: files/tmp (770)

file system configuration
File System Configuration
file system permission
File System Permission

So, what is your configuration on such environments?


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Hello novid, thanks for sharing your configuration! I'm not an expert of file and directory permission, but setting the public permissions of private and tmp to zero sounds like a good idea.

By the way, Backdrop also tries to create a .htaccess file to restrict access in the mentioned directories.

Another good practice could be to choose unguessable names for such directories, something like private_pnocuffuqtwc4zsda686c5wbq4rc4aab.