Does anyone have any experience with multi-step forms to create / update content? Existing Drupal modules that I've found are pretty old and seem somewhat shaky. I'm guessing that people who've needed this kind of interface wrote custom solutions.


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If it's just about some simple data, Webform is probably your friend. Then display form submissions in a view.

If it has to be nodes, hook_form_alter() might be your friend.

But maybe @docwilmot has better tips. It seems, he ported/forked the Ctools form wizard.

I did wonder if doing some kind of Webform => node submission would do it. Depends on if they need the multistep only for creation, or for editing as well.


Sorry I dont have a ready solution to this. The big issue is of course if you need multistep editing as well as creation, in which case Webform wouldnt help. A custom mutistep form would also be complicated if you decided to be able to add or remove new fields.  Best bet is to port It isnt pretty old (2011) but not sure if its shaky.