Is it possible to have nested batches (e.g. batch_set()/batch_process())?

Use case is: I scan a directory for JSON files, then for each file (first batch) I read in a bunch of arrays. For each array (second batch) I read in a bunch of keys and values, some of which are further arrays. For each of those sub-arrays (third batch) I continue the process (reading in more keys/values).

Each array in the JSON files will become a node, and each sub-array will be a paragraph item in that node.

Wondering how best to handle this with Batch API...


I would suspect that not each level needs to be batched. Which is the largest number, the nodes? If so make that the batch and the others can be simple loops.

I also suspect that nesting batches is either impossible or so hard to debug as to be not worth it.

I guess nodes would be the largest number, but hard to tell as they're all split up.

I suppose I could just read each file into a master array, so that way all nodes are together, then batch that, and leave the paragraphs as a loop within each node...

Yep, that was the first thing I tried. I even ported that (and other) modules: :-)

Unfortunately I had troubles with arrays, JSON files and Paragraphs (data got added out-of-order and I couldn't find a solution for it), so I figured there was more flexibility in parsing the files manually (and in order), hence my current situation.