On a front page I have a main menu being modified by Nice Menus module. There is also a Views Slideshow display in a different region. When drop-downs are triggered from a Nice Menus item, the drop-down doesn't display properly over the Views Slideshow. (see screen capture - dropdown from "All Applications & Forms") It seems to go behind it. Doing an almost identical thing in Drupal 7, I didn't have this issue. How can this be fixed?


This looks like a problem with z-index. You could write custom code to fix it yourself in your sub-theme (if you have one). But, if you could figure out which module is responsible for the problem, you could file a bug report and hopefully get some help. 

Nice Menus - https://github.com/backdrop-contrib/nice_menus/issues Views Slideshow - https://github.com/backdrop-contrib/views_slideshow/issues Backdrop Core - https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues

Using the forum is fine for a problem like this, but if it's a bug it might be better to post something in respective issue queue. If your not sure which issue queue, try to provide more information about what is happening and we can try to help you figure out which module is responsible. 


Thanks for that suggestion. I posted in the Nice Menus issue queue, but acknowledged the problem might not be created by that module.

That's ok. Posting an issue somewhere is better than not posting it anywhere. Hopefully, someone can help you figure out the right place to post it or better yet, help come up with a solution.