I keep getting these random warnings on Nivo slider. The captions are set with html bold in ckeditor and some of them have a class applied (so I can set some for either light/medium/dark). I made sure that there are no spaces in the title field of the slides. I have set paths for the slides to show on specific pages. There is no url set on any of the slides.  Hoping someone can point me towards what might be the problem. I have the slider block set to display on nearly every landing page, as well as certain types of content pages. Site is up to date and using basis subtheme.


  • Warning: Attempt to read property "uri" on bool in nivo_slider_slide_configuration_form() (line 82 of C:\xampp\htdocs\backdrop\modules\nivo_slider\nivo_slider_slides.admin.inc).
  • Warning: Attempt to read property "uri" on bool in nivo_slider_slider() (line 96 of C:\xampp\htdocs\backdrop\modules\nivo_slider\includes\nivo_slider_slider.inc).
  • Warning: Attempt to read property "uri" on bool in nivo_slider_slider() (line 104 of C:\xampp\htdocs\backdrop\modules\nivo_slider\includes\nivo_slider_slider.inc).

This is beginning of line 82 in slider_slider.inc:

   // Add the HTML caption markup           $description_html .= $html_caption;         }       }

      // Check if the slide has a file ID       if (isset($settings['fid'])) {         // Load the file that corresponds to the file ID         $file = file_load($settings['fid']);


Lines 92-108:

        // Create the slide image directly or using image styles         if ($options['image_style'] == FALSE) {           // Create an array of image settings           $variables = array(            xx             'alt' => check_plain(nivo_slider_translate('slide:' . $slide . ':title', $settings['title'])),             'title' => check_plain(nivo_slider_translate('slide:' . $slide . ':description', $description)),             'attributes' => array(               'class' => 'slide',               'id' => 'slide-' . $slide,               'data-thumb' => file_create_url(check_plain($file->uri)),               'data-transition' => check_plain($settings['transition']),             ),           );

          // Create the slide image           $image = theme('image', $variables);



Accepted answer

You may want to post a message in the Nivo slider issue queue, so that the maintainers can check it out: https://github.com/backdrop-contrib/nivo_slider/issues 


Thanks for the response - I apologize for posting in the wrong place. I kept getting to the Drupal 7 issue queue and didn't think it was the right place. I should have looked on the page for the Backdrop module itself.  - Dan

No problem! This is also a good place to ask questions or report problems - it helps future searchers.