Hey :)

I have been looking into converting the Drupal 7 conditional fields module to Backdrop, as I really need a module like this for a project I am working on. 

However I am a bit stuck, because the Drupal 7 module joins the field_config_instance table, but this table doesn't exist in backdrop. 

$select = db_select('conditional_fields', 'cf')
      ->fields('cf', array('id', 'options'))
    $fci_depende = $select->join('field_config_instance', 'fci_dependee', 'cf.dependee = fci_dependee.id');
    $fci_dependent = $select->join('field_config_instance', 'fci_dependent', 'cf.dependent = fci_dependent.id');
    $select->addField($fci_depende, 'field_name', 'dependee');
    $select->addField($fci_dependent, 'field_name', 'dependent');
    $select->addField($fci_depende, 'entity_type');
    $select->addField($fci_depende, 'bundle');

I guess I could just create that table, but also the module relies on Field ID's, but these does not seem to exist in Backdrop. They do not exist in this function as they do in Drupal 7:

$instances = field_info_instances($entity_type, $bundle_name); 

I am primarily a frontend developer, so if anyone have an idea or suggestion on how to overcome these issues, that could point me in the right direction, it would be much appriciated :)



Thank you! :)

Sure - I will have a look at it and help out by reporting any issues i might find :)

In theory, modules with a stabile release will be found on BackdropCMS.org 

Modules on Github may or may not have a stable release. Be sure to check the readme file AND if on Github, check to see if it has any releases. If there are no releases, it is possibly not stabile. However, sometimes you can find a relatively stabile module without any releases, but the maintainer is holding of on until there is more testing.