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Collect data from Backdrop installs to inform our product priorities and direction.


META in backdrop/backdrop issues:

related in backdrop-ops/

initiative: {
  name: "Telemetry",
  team: {
    @klonos: ROLE,
    @stpaultim: ROLE,
    @serundeputy: ROLE
  plan: {},
  pmcApproval: false


Anyone interested in being on the team for this initiative? I am.

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Telemetry is now in core and being tracked by Backdrop.


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I'm in too. I'm very interested in this.

I'm interested in participating in this initiative. 

Yeah, I think that we can use the forum to discuss the importance of this project and/or to announcement meetings/updates. People who are not active on Github can post their thoughts or ideas here. 

But, I think your right that we should keep all the specifics in the github issue queue. 

One problem w/ that though is that there are not a lot of specifics in the issue. I'm hoping by getting an initiative w/ a plan the issue will have some teeth and direction to get done.


This is a good example of yes it is very complex, and I for one, don't want to do a ton of work setting up Elastic Search (ES) servers and indices only to find out 2 months later that they approach is vetoed and i'm left crying in the dark.


So, what I want here is a plan/spec, some dedicated team, and buy in from the PMC on all of the above.


It is our job to put together a plan though before we bother the PMC.

My thought has been that we should either set aside some time at one of the existing weekly meetings (probably a dev meeting) or set up a special meeting to get this initiative started. Because, right now it's so vague. I think we could get a huge jump start with a real time conversation. 

Also, I don't think we need to wait for this to become an official initiative to get started. We can work on this whether or not it becomes an official initiative.

How do other people feel about setting up a special meeting? Any requests regarding when you would like to meet?

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I agree with a live meeting.

I will try to make time for it whenever works for the rest of you, but either before or after the weekly meeting sounds good.

Quick update: a couple of us had a short meeting after the dev meeting today to talk about this, as yet unofficial, initiative. I took notes and will be posting our thoughts for next steps in the github issue queue and will post an update here once I've done that. 

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Even without a thorough plan, the PMC has voted that Telemetry be a core initiative for Backdrop CMS.

Geoff (@serundeputy) you are it's lead, and we would love an update from you each week in the developer meeting, starting next week. If you can't make the meeting that's fine, but please drop an update here in these comments :)

Telemetry is now in core and being tracked by Backdrop.