I guess, after an update, i have now this msg; i have no idea from where he come from and how to remove it.

When i am disconnected and i see the site as anonymous user i have not "Page not found" i can see the normal page but is all the same, i have this msg..I have the same msg when i am connected as administrator.


ok solved parameter probably changed without noticing it

@phillippeg - Glad you figured it out.

If anyone notices this message and is confused, it is supposed to show up on any nodes if the content type has the "hide path display" setting.

New sites installing Backdrop will get a third default content type called "Cards." Cards have this setting by default. If you are seeing this under any other circumstances, let us know here in the forum or open an issue in the core issue queue.  https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues To my knowledge there are no known problems with this setting at this time.

you're right, I should have explained what parameters had to be changed to solve the problem and remove the message

Some people who are using the Hide path display setting might be seeing the message for the first time, because the message was added to the most recent release of Backdrop. 

The message is there to make sure that folks understand the implications of that setting and to draw attention to it, so that admins don't accidentally hide content when they don't intend to. 

Maybe in this case, it worked as expected/hoped?

What is not very understandable is that, whether the parameter is "on" or "off", the result is the same for a standard article, we always see it, the parameter seems to have no effect, at apart from the message, which makes the process incomprehensible when you don't know the root of the problem that was to be solved..