Which is the optimal version of PHP for the latest versions of Backdrop CMS and add-ons - only the minimum version (PHP 5.3.29 or higher) is listed on the requirements page.


My hosting provider offers cPanel with these PHP capabilities:

PHP 5.2
PHP 5.3
PHP 5.4
PHP 5.5
PHP 5.6
PHP 7.0
PHP 7.1
PHP 7.3
PHP 7.4
PHP 8.0

I have been sticking to PHP 7.3 for the last few years and I have no problems, would you advise me to use a newer version?


I tend to use 7.4.

I also have a couple of sites running on 8.0, but when 8 was first released there were a couple of minor issues which needed the code changing, I believe this has been fixed.

Hope this helps.

I agree that you should probably go with the most up to date version of PHP, prior to 8.0, which would be 7.4. Backdrop should run on 8.0, but it hasn't been as thoroughly tested. 

Here is some very limited data on what other users are using. But, this is a very small sample size. 



Thank you very much friends, I will start applying PHP 7.4 in new websites and in old ones when I update them.

It also became clear to me what is the benefit of the new functionality - telemetry, about which I read in letters notices from Backdrop CMS.

I would only recommend a link to this page


to be added to the navigation of the Backdrop CMS website., I can't find it at the moment and it seems that only the one who knows the address has access to this data.