Background I produce a lot of basic websites that can easily use the same layout, so I would like to be able to reuse my Template file rather than creating them from scratch for each site. Question When adding a new Layout Template it automatically generates a random ID.  I'm assuming that the random ID is used so that it won't conflict with another ID but would it be possible to have the option to change the ID when creating the Template? A solution that works but not ideal One way I have gotten around this is to Export the template, change the IDs to something that fits my needs and re-import it.  While this isn't a big thing it would make it easier if we could manually change the ID. Or, would it be recommended to create a custom Layout and save it in the Layouts folder and not use the built-in "Add Flexible Layout Template" Thanks in advance.


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I also saw your question in our Zulip chat re this. Does what BWPanda suggested (custom layout template - possibly hosted on GitHub) fit your needs?

I'm curious as to what ID you are referring to. Is it the UUID that gets generated for the flexible layout templates?

Hi Klonos..., The ID is the one highlighted in bold/italics below... this is just the first part of the Export. {     "_config_name": "layout.flexible.acs_main",     "name": "acs_main",     "title": "ACS Main",     "description": "Main layout for ACS Websites",     "rows": {         "316d9f31-2928-452a-a122-348b7fffbeed": {             "contains": "region_6_6", Yes, what BDPanda said helped a lot... I started to create a custom Layout a couple of days ago but thought I'd see if I was on the right track :-) I did export the Layout then changed it to this: - {     "_config_name": "layout.flexible.acslayout_main",     "name": "acslayout_main",     "title": "ACS Layout Main",     "description": "Main layout for ACS Websites",     "rows": {         "acslayout-header": {             "contains": "region_6_6", Many thanks. Steve