I'm working on my first Backdrop CMS site. I created a Paragraph, call it text-and-image. It has an editable long-text field with some text and an image in the field. 

When I create a new page and insert the text-and-image Paragraph, the Paragraph inserts correctly, but the page also gets a second long-text field, which is empty (it looks like my Paragraph, except no content). On multiple re-edits, additional empty long-text fields are added to the page during editing. After a few edits, inside the page editor it looks like this: text-and-image (my Paragraph) followed by empty-long-text-field, empty-long-text-field, empty-long-text-field ... 

The rendered page looks normal, but when opened for editing, it shows up with all these empty fields. List Modules reports module ver 1.x-1.2.3 . I do not have Internationalization installed. thx 

Accepted answer

Hi @Richard

It looks like its related to this issue:


Can you set the text field in the paragraph type to be limited to 1 rather than unlimited or with a high number.


That worked! Thank you again @yorkshirepudding
When I saw "Number of values", I read that as the number of times the Paragraph item could be inserted onto the working page, which was wrong, of course.