Today I Try to update details in my Profile. For example, I add my full name and a photo.


But the field "Find me Online" does not work, it is impossible to enter address of my personal website.

Is this intentional or is it a bug?




I don't see any "Find me Online" field in the forum user profile... Perhaps you're referring to the one on (it's different, not linked to the forum)

Thank you!

I am doing as follows:

Get a message from a forum topic in my e-mail.

At the bottom of that message there is a line with link:

You can view the comment at the following url

I click a link and it opens a different URL address:

On page there is a line:

Log in or register to post comments

I Log in.

The page that opens has header
Backdrop Forum

At right of this header now it is written:
Hi amilenkov!

When click on Hi amilenkov! I see two sublines
- My Profile
- Log out

When click on My Profile I go to a page with amilenkov title and below are three submenus:

Email settings

I click Edit and there at the bottom is a field
Find me Online

but in is inactive.

And the header of this page is
Backdrop Forum and its URL is

You can see a screenshot.

So I think I am in my Forum account page, not in profile page.

Thanks again!

Hmm, there's definitely no field like that in Forum user profiles. Perhaps you're seeing an old copy of the page... Can you try hard-refreshing or clearing your browser's cache?

Yes, I cleared mu browser Firefox cache, also restarted it and try the same with Opera.

The field FIND ME ONLINE is there again. In both browsers.

But I would be disappointed if such a field -FIND ME ONLINE - is missing in my forum profile or it is not active.

The opportunity for forum visitors to visit my site and see my work is a strong motivation for me to participate with answers and comments to questions from other forum participants and I guess this is same for all who are engaged in answering questions and inquiries.

I believe that if you remove this field you will harm the usefulness of the forum and the popularity of Backdrop CMS.

I believe that the community will only benefit if the forum also works as a social network, allowing visitors to communicate with each other. You could even add a "private messaging" option.

Best regards!


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I also see the "Find me Online" field set in my profile, but there are no fields in it, and I did remove the cache for all * sites from my Firefox cache.


Ok, worked it out (thanks @docwilmot for the link). The code that adds the fieldset is part of the 'borg' theme. If you're a moderator or admin then you're able to see/use the admin theme (which is 'seven'), so this code never gets run for the user profile form.

On top of that, the fields that are supposed to be displayed in the fieldset don't exist. There are no fields named 'irc', 'social' or 'websites' anywhere on the site.

There's an existing issue for this: