I am just wondering if there are any policies about paid modules on BackdropCMS.org or modules that require paid libraries.

I was just looking at the Nivo Slider module (https://backdropcms.org/project/nivo_slider) and it appears to require a library that requires a paid license to use it. 

I am not necessarily objecting, but am curious about what the policy would be on a module like this?


The Wordpress plugin requires payment but the library it uses is free (MIT licence), available here https://github.com/Codeinwp/Nivo-Slider-jQuery

Nivo was one of the first Backdrop modules created, before we agreed on just bundling libraries directly into the module. I'll soon do a new release without the download requirement. Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks, I was a bit confused. That makes sense. 

It has been pointed out to me that it is not completely unusual for a module to be dependent upon a paid service. I'm not entirely sure if requiring a paid library would be the same thing, if that were the case. However, if a module is dependent upon any paid services or resources, I think it would be good to disclose that on the module page (I recognize that this is not the case for Nivo Slider).

@docwilmot - Thanks for all your work porting modules.  


I wonder what is the best way to update and bundle a library. It would need some notes recommending people to delete the separate library.