Greetings all together,

I tried to port the Entity reference autofill module from D7 using the "Coder upgrader".

It doesn't throw any errors after installation and activation but also does not anything and the necessary option is not appearing.

I am pretty sure that I did all correct according to the instructions.


The use case is: A certain field should be filled with a value (number) which is given by the chosen referenced entity. Is there any other way to achieve this?


Can anyone help me or estimate the approximate efford?



Hi ToniOni.

Thanks for porting this! Would you be able to put this port on your github, to allow people to check that everything looks good? 

Also, you may want to post the status of this ported module and apply to join the contributors team at

This will also allow you to join the team of Backdrop contributors, so that you can post the module in the backdrop-contrib repos.   

More information about how to contribute by porting modules:

Hi @ToniOni.

One thing to check with Coder Upgrade ports that can be a simple thing: there is a known bug, possibly just on PHP 8.1+, where Coder Upgrade strips out the '&' symbol from parameters in functions; this means a parameter that was passed by reference is now just passed by value, which may be an explanation for the non-working state.  By comparing the old and the new, you can easily see which functions Coder Upgrade has done this to and restore the '&' symbol where needed.

As @argiepiano has suggested, if you upload your progress so far then people can help you and offer suggestions if there is something wider.