I just posted a question about the appearance of the language switcher. First it looked as if it was posted OK on the forum, but after I changed a little typo in the text and saved again, the post was gone. Something similar happened a few hours ago or so.


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Hello  👋

Sorry for this, but it seems that the post you've added was saved as draft (not published), which means that it might have triggered our spam filter somehow.

I've now published it for you here. I see that you have also created another similar post, which I'm assuming was in your efforts to get it published, but that also got flagged as spam. Please let me know if you'd like to publish that other post instead.

Hi @klonos,

Thanks for your quick reaction. The post that is up now is the one that I would like to see published. Bit weird that my posts got marked as spam. Any ideas as to why that could happen?

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No worries @zilvervos, glad to have helped 🙂

As to why they got flagged, it must have been random ...we use Akismet to protect our forum from spam, and the nice robots that do their magic in order to achieve some level of protection must have for some reason thought that you are a bad spambot 🤷‍♂️ ...I don't know how these bots work, but they are usually helpful 🤖

Sorry for any frustration caused; this rarely ever happens.