If you are having any troubles after upgrading to Backdrop v 1.19.0, please try upgrading Backup and Migrate module (if you have it installed). Some changes to Backdrop 1.19.0 seems to have uncovered a problem with Backup and Migrate that is causing some users problems. Watch for this error:

Call to undefined method DatabaseConnection_mysql::exec

The Backup and Migrate module has been fixed and a new release is available as of May 17, 2021.

For more information:

https://github.com/backdrop-contrib/backup_migrate/issues/63 OR



This caught me.  I ended up having to reinstall the module manually.

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I encountered the problem as well earlier. Luckily I tested on the dev site. 

I have upgraded the Backup and migrate module and it does work for me. Thanks!

I updated the backup_migrate module and it was able to successfully create a backup.  However when I try to restore the backup. I get the following error:

Call to unidentified method DatabaseConnection_mysql::prepare()

I am testing on some local development sites. The backup seems correct when I manually restore the database.

@ter3sa - I created an issue for this problem in the Backup and Migrate issue queue. If you are able to provide any additional information either here or in the githhub issue queue it would be helpful.

1) Confirm that you did also upgrade to Backdrop CMS 1.19.0

2) Have you had any other problems that are not directly related to Backup and Migrate?

Let us know if you find a resolution to this problem. 


Thanks for putting this in the issue queue.  I was using a fresh install of backdrop 1.19.0.  No other modules; just backup_migrate.

I am using backdrop 1.19.1 and backup_migrate 1.0.17 and I get the error message "Call to undefined method DatabaseConnection_mysql::prepare()" when I try to restore the database

@oncero - Yes, this is a known problem that resulted from updates in Backdrop 1.19.0

Backdrop CMS 1.19.0 included some changes that will make it compatible with PHP 8. These changes conflicted with the Backup and Migrate module.

An update to the Backup and Migrate module fixed some of these problems, but did not fix the restore problem that you reference. Here is the ticket in the Backup and Migrate issue queue:


However, to fix this problem we need to address an issue in Backdrop core. Here is the ticket for that.


As of yesterday, we have a patch/PR for core that should fix this problem. As of today, that patch/PR has been marked RTBC (ready to be committed) and will likely appear in the next bug fix release for Backdrop CMS, which could be released anytime in the next few days to weeks. 

Personally, I have been working around this problem by uploading my database via the command line. I realize that might not work for you. But, a solution is coming very soon. 

If you have any questions or comments, please share them here or in the issue queue.