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Hi friends, i can´t update, each time i run update.php, the page open but when i press continue button it shows 2 errors for layout/hero/simmons

thank you


I don't have a quick answer for you, but at times like this I would check the following:

  1. Do the files exist in the place that that Backdrop is looking for them?
  2. Are there permissions problems on the server. Does Backdrop have the permission it needs to access the files?
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stpaultim, thanks for the quick answer, now i see that those files are not present in the "hero" folder, i will try to find them

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Above the error messages, I see the success message "No hay actualizaciones pendientes" (There are no pending database updates). Can you try to click on the "Informe de estado" (Status report) link and check if your Backdrop version is up to date?

It would also be interesting if the Status report page says anything about pending database updates.

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Thanks Olafski, it updates to 1.14 but i did not pass the "Run updates" step because the error. let me find the missing files to see what happend