I'm developing a multilingual site using Backdrop 1.26.3 and the module i18n-1.x-1.0.0-beta5. The Field translation sub-module is enabled as well all modules in i18n

I can't solve a problem with translating text list type fields.

The main language is Bulgarian and I need to make a translation into English.

On the site there is a content type Product with field Standard with a text list, each of which is a different European clothing standard.

When setting the content type, the translation succeeds and the field's Label is translated, as well as all Field Settings.

When translating content of this type from Bulgarian to English on the administrative side, the English language options are displayed and selected, but when viewing the page itself, the Bulgarian texts are displayed.

I have been struggling for two days to solve this problem and I even did a brand new installation of the site (created in 2021) and started to rebuild it, but even with the brand new installation, the same problem appears.

I would be very grateful for advice on how to translate text list type fields correctly. There are no problems with fields of other types - taxonomy, plain text or numbers, but I can't deal with those of a text list type.


A possible solution is to use a taxonomy field instead of a list field, but the terms in the taxonomy create their own pages, which I don't want to happen.

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Hi amilenkov, while I can't help answering the original question, there is a way to improve the taxonomy field workaround: the Disable Term Content Listings module allows you to disable the taxonomy content listing pages. There are different options possible (per vocabulary).

Thanks for the idea!

I've converted all the text list fields into dictionaries from the taxonomy and the translation of the content into English now is easy and logical.

This site was created in 2021 only in the Bulgarian language and only now the client requested a translation of the content into English as well.

When the terms in the list are included in a taxonomy glossary, there are also advantages to multilingual settings that are specific to taxonomy over text list fields.

It is particularly efficient that the values entered for Bulgarian in pages of this type are automatically translated into English after the terms in the dictionary have been translated.

And the Disable Term Content Listings module would also be useful in search engine optimization to avoid duplicate content - I've had many cases where taxonomy terms are used to create views and then the pages generated by the views duplicate the content created by the list pages on the tags from the dictionary - which is bad for seo.

But the Field Translation module from i18n continues to do valuable work translating field labels.