I'm posting this here before going to the git issues page in case someone knows of a solution already.

I had installed the Projects module, then subsequently figured it wasn't useful to me, so I uninstalled it. However, it left all its stuff on my site. So...

  • Did I do something wrong?
  • Is this a fluke? Did something glitch in my particular case?
  • Is this a known issue?
  • Does anyone have any tips for me?




What do you mean by "it left all its stuff..." what has it left behind?  The content type or just the module files in the module folder?

First of all... sorry for the delayed response.

Secondly... Yeah, I deserve three demerits for leaving an unclear and ambiguous complaint, bereft of useful information. Sorry for that.

So, I went back and tried again. Here are my steps:

  1. Re-enabled the following Project-related Modules: Project, Project Uses, Project Releases
  2. Edited privileges to allow Administrator full edit and delete privilege on the Project-related node types (strangely, they were not already enabled). 
  3. Flush all caches
  4. Run Cron (just because, I guess)
  5. Disabled all of the above modules (recursively, due to dependencies)
  6. Uninstalled said modules (recursively, due to dependencies)

Current situation:

  • The Admin Menu|Structure|Content_Types DROPDOWN no longer lists the Project or Project Release types (great so far), but
  • admin/structure/types/list still shows both of those content types.
  • Furthermore, the page at add/node offers me the opportunity to create both types.
  • And here's where it gets weird: on the page at admin/structure/types/list the following drop-down links are functional: CONFIGURE, MANAGE FIELDS, MANAGE DISPLAYS; but the DELETE (Content Type) item takes me to the DELETE screen of the Type that is in the list above Project and Project Release.

So... I'm currently unable to delete either Project or Project release content types.

But Wait!!

I figured it out—and it was very simple: Just manually enter the url, pointing the browser to 

  • admin/structure/types/manage/project/delete, and
  • admin/structure/types/manage/project_release/delete

So I guess you could say that everything's fine now. This is no longer an issue for me. Perhaps, however, my story might be useful to the devs, in case there's a bug.