am wondering after major update of backdrop, will all the modules need to be rebuild or it can be continue to use without any change ?

I been through the pain of drupal5 to 6 to 7, now to 8, from the drupal8 they claim the modules won't need to be rebuild after major update of drupal core. which is very good. want to know what's the situation in backdrop here, I see the description there will be major update for BD every three years, so what's the situation for installed modules ? Thanks


Hi again @dd123

Have you looked at this:

Hopefully that will give you some reassurance.  The community is acutely aware of the need to make upgrades as painless as possible.  If a module relies on a part of the API that changes it may need changes, but I would hope and expect that this would be documented and that support would be given to maintainers.

Someone produced a graphic at one time, but I can't find it.

Given the rationale for extending the earliest date to 2025, it is plausible it could be pushed back to 2026 based on the current D7 EoL of November 2023, but I'm not sure such a decision has been made yet.  Of course if D7 EoL is pushed back again, then using the rationale, one might expect it to be pushed back.

I'm not a member of the Project Management Committee so this is pure speculation from my part, but based on the rationale in the linked article above.

Thanks for reply, so it means still there is risk to rebuild the modules after major update, seems wordpress don't have this problem now, all the plugins stay to works after core update. I spent 10 of thousands to develop a drupal7 site for few years before, now dead because drupal8 change too much. that's why I scare to follow the drupal again. hope backdrop can solve this issue.

I've posted in Zulip - our chat app - to see if someone with more knowledge about this area can give you some more information.

There will be a lot of people in the community who will also have invested in moving from D7 to backdrop and will have a vested interest in making the upgrade as smooth as possible.  Many in the Backdrop community weren't happy with the move to D8, and the philosophy of Backdrop should prevent anything like that happening again.

Thanks. I guess BD need to solve this problem to get a place in between the wordpress and drupal9, if the website continue needs lots development for the upgrade, user will either go for drupal9 for advance usage or to wordpress for peace of mind. 

Hi @dd123

I asked the question in the Development meeting and hopefully you will find the response reassuring:

  • Backdrop 1.x would still be around until 2027 assuming 2.x was launched in 2025. 
  • Most changes would be about removing deprecated code 

Nate is one of the founders of Backdrop and is a Core Committer.

Thanks for sharing the information. by listening to the chat, I will suggest backdrop to guarantee the modules will stay to works after core major update which is what wordpress and drupal9 doing at the moment. this is what exactly the pain of drupal7 to drupal8, but thanks anyway, sounds good at the moment.

I'm a backdrop core committer.

I don't think Drupal guarantees that modules will continue to work after an upgrade from 9 to 10. Drupal removes deprecated code between major versions and also handles major library upgrades between versions, such as Symfony or CKEditor. I use and have built sites and custom modules for Drupal 9 so I need to keep on top of that as well.

Backdrop will also remove deprecated code and make some other breaking changes. But from what I can tell, most people are not interested in introducing many breaking changes. And the 2.x issue list has only a handful of items that will likely happen.