How do I render fields into a different region?

For example my Page content is appearing in the main CONTENT Region from the SUTRO layout.

It displays there because the "Main Page Content" block (the default one) is sitting in that region.

That is fine for the Majority of the page content,

but I want to render the Image above the page title and wrap styles classes around it via (probably) a tpl.php


How do I render the field to sit there?

I can see the "layout--sutro.tpl.php" allows me to adjust the layout, but I can't figure out what PHP to write in it to render these fields?

I can get the fields to render inside this page: "node--page--full.tpl.php"

But that only controls content after the Title and Main column has already been rendered via something else (probably the "layout--sutro.tpl.php page..?)


Can anyone show me what code I need to write, and in which document to do this?


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ah interesting, I will have to try that out, thank you.


Are you aware of how you can use field blocks in templates?

Here are steps, just in case. If you have not seen this before, I think you will like it.

1) Create a layout for pages
* Path = node/%
* Visibility Condition = Node Type = Page

2) After saving layout, go to add a block and you will see that you now have field blocks for all relevant fields for that node type. 

I don't know if this is an option for you?

Here is a short video:




ah interesting, I will have to try that out, thank you.

For some reason the screenshots you supplied are not showing (just missing boxes)?

OK, I think I fixed the images. Let me know if this is helpful?