Can't find much on this so I must be missing something.  I've used D6 and 7 for a long-time.  Just learning Backdrop and cannot figure out how to change the URL on the production server to be correct rather than the LAN address on the server I built the site on.  I don't see any obvious way to change it.  I thought it had something to do with the settings.php and then the config files but nothing seems to be moving me in the right direction.  Any pointers would be most helpful.



I would suspect that this has more to do with your server configuration than with Backdrop; when you visit the url that you expect to load the production site, what happens?

@hellyj - You may need to describe your situation a little more.

I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I think I can say the following:

1) You generally don't need to configure Backdrop for the environment (server) as much as you need to configure the server or environment to find Backdrop and send traffic/requests to the correct place. 

2) There are sometimes exceptions to that and they would be in either the settings.php file OR the .htaccess file 

If, I move a Backdrop site from my developer environment to a production server, the things I need to configure are usually the server files that point the domain at the right place. This is different depending upon the server Apache or Nginx. 

EDIT: Thanks to @kristen who replied while I was writing my response. I think I used more words to say the same thing. :-)