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I am looking a way to restrict the content access to individual node instead of content type. This is doable via "Content Access" module in Drupal but there's no such module ported yet. Anyway to do it or to suggest ? I have created several Roles and when I upload a document from a content type, e.g "document", I wish I can set which Role/Roles who can view or edit it. Any insight ? 

Accepted answer

The Content Access module now has an official release.


Actually, someone has ported the "content access" module, but has not officially released it yet.

[UPDATE: This module has been officially released -]

The fact that it does not have an official release might mean that it does not work OR that the maintainer simply has a few more things they want to do before creating the official release. 

It's totally appropriate (even helpful) to post a question in the Github issue queue of an unreleased module asking for an update or encouraging the maintainer to release it.

There are a handful of developers that have ported lots of modules and sometimes, they simply forget about one until someone prods them with a request or bug report. 

Your contribution to getting a module ported or released might be as simple as posting a request, bug report, or some encouragement. 

Please, give the content access module a try (you can download the dev version directly on Github) and report any problems in the github issue queue. Let us know here if you solve this problem, I know that this is a common need. 

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Thanks @stpaultim! I have tested the module and it works well and steadily! Thanks for your help and explanation in great details about the module. I wish it can be released and other can benefit from it since there are very few access control modules available over here. So, I have left a comment and feedback on the issue queue listening to you.

Personally, I used this module for several projects with Durpal 7 in the past whenever there's a need for better restriction on the content access especially for individual node by role(s). I'm pretty sure it is a great module for the community ! Great thanks! 

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(This appears to only grant access based upon content type).

Indeed, this module only grant access based upon content type, so it does not really meet my need.
(I just tested it and I think this might meet your needs).

While this Simple Access module is able to restrict content per node by group of role(s). But pity it didn't really work as intended when I tested. It was reported below and I wish it can be fixed soon. I believe it is an alternative to content access module in some way. Thanks for sharing and testing !