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Hi there,


I switched on the rss function in my Blog, but can't find a possibility for an abonnement of my texts. Nowhere I could find an instruction to integrate the function in backdrop cms.

Is there anybody to give an tip, to make rss feeds available for users?





To create an RSS feed, you need to build your view first and create a page. Then add an RSS display to that view as well. Then attach the RSS display to the page you first created, and give the RSS display a path. Your RSS would then be available at that path.

Example here: https://yalesites.yale.edu/book/creating-rss-feed-views

But there seems to be a bug for Backdrop that no RSS icon shows up.

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Thank you for the first...

I have to learn a little bit more about this, before I make it running ;)

XiongShui ()

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Is there an issue about the missing RSS icon? I wonder if we should place the RSS block onto the default layout (by default) so that the icon always shows up as soon as someone adds an RSS feed.

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Hi drop,

I could find only a switcher on/ off RSS- Feeds, not a Block. Today I'm empty, next days I'll see how docwilmot's tip works...

Thanks, XiongShui ()

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The block is called "Syndicate". It's not a very clear name, we should fix that!