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Anyone interested in making Swedish/Danish(Norwegian translations? I can help on the Swedish if there is any interest. I know we are a small language group though.


Excellent! I have created a Dabitch account there and will join the Swedish translation group when you've made it. 

I am interested to translate into Swedish


I have registered an account on the forum now.

I have some experience of Drupal 7 as a site admin and was looking for a solution for EOL for D7. I am not a coder or programmer but have learned Drupal by my self and books since version 5. I hope that Backdrop can be a good solution for many of us. I have a website that it is built with D7 and I don´t know if I am to try to migrate it or start to build a new one in Backdrop instead. I have made a new install with Backdrop and did import the drupal 7 .po files and started to translate inside the installed site. It is about 74 % into Swedish now. It did work pretty well to import.

So how can I proceed from here, regarding suggestions for translation into Swedish.


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So how can I proceed from here, regarding suggestions for translation into Swedish.

I've enabled your user account on the translation site yesterday, and you should have got one automatic email and another email with further instructions from there. Please check your mails (and just in case also the spam folder).

I can see the Swedish group but there is no one else there. Is it so?

And do you have any instructions for how to do this work? I have not done this kind of stuff before. Any informative guide you may have perhaps?

I did not get any more information with further instructions from you earlier.

I did check my spam folder also.


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Hello uffyb, sorry that you didn't get any email, I'll send it again.

In the meantime,  or in case the mail doesn't arrive: As a next step, please visit https://localize.backdropcms.org/translate/languages/sv, look for the group block at the bottom of the right sidebar, and apply for group membership. I'll confirm the membership when I find time and send you more instructions then.

I went there to apply for a group membership. But I doesn´t work with the user login. It is already filled with my username and the password dots are there, when I press the button to log in it does not work.

It says that I have 5 attempts that were wrong. I use FireFox 110.0 on a MacOS 11.7.4

Can someone of you help me a little and get me going. I have Skype and Zoom.


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Hello Ulf,

I guess there's an issue with the already filled login form. I'd suggest to fill it manually. If you don't know the password for the translation site, you can reset it using the page https://localize.backdropcms.org/user/password.

The Forum communication is often temporally delayed. It might be easier to help when we're online at the same time. A great place for this is our Backdrop Live Chat at https://backdrop.zulipchat.com. Feel free to ping me there.