on the permissions page (/admin/config/people/permissions) there is a problem once there are more roles than can fit on the display across the top.

the column headings, which are sticky at the top of the list of permissions, work fine when scrolling down/up. but when you have more than a few roles, the headers do not remain at the top of their column when you scroll left/right. this makes it almost impossible to accurately set permissions for roles that don't fit on the display horizontally.

not sure if that would be considered a bug or not, but it sure makes assigning permissions difficult (once you have more than a few roles).

edit for clarity: when the page first loads, if you don't scroll down, the headers scroll horizontally correctly. once you scroll down enough to get the header row to get "sticky", it no longer scrolls horizontally.


Thanks for reporting this and your suggestion. Here are a couple of relevant issues in the Github issue queue. Please, feel free to comment there if you have ideas or input. 

[Meta] [UX] Better permissions UI  https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues/463

Responsive (kinda) permissions page https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues/2319

The more users that comment on an issue in Github, the more likely that issue will get attention and/or a fix. 


Both of those issues are similar, but i think this is its own bug. @laz Feel free to create a new bug report for this in the issue queue.