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I would like to talk about how to handle config recipes in the short term. I have some sample config recipes and am wondering if I should move them to backdrop-config yet?

If we had an official release for a couple of recipes, users could download them and test them through the project installer. But, I'm not sure if we are ready for that.

Here is a quick summary of my thoughts/questions about config recipes for discussion today. 

1) I don't know that we are ready to make any big decisions yet about the final definition or specs for config recipes. In fact, maybe we don't make that decision, maybe we just let the contrib marketplace figure this out on it's own

2) In the meantime, how do we want to manage config recipes as projects? Do we want to mange them at all?

I've created a couple of simple recipes that could be used for testing. Currently they are personal projects. I'm not sure if I should push these to the official backdrop-contrib space on Github and/or create official releases that will show up on

If I do, should I follow any naming convention or package convention so that they are easily manageable and organized on and/or in the modules window on Backdrop sites?

3) For relatively simple config recipes, should I keep them as separate projects or should we create a "Recipe Box" project that includes a bunch of simple recipes as sub-modules?