Is there a way to make a translation of the site name?

This is important for multilingual sites when site name is part of the title (html tag title) of each page.

I know how to do custom blocks with translation for the header of the site, but I can not find a trick to change the name of the site with a change of language.

If this cannot yet be done, I think it should be among the first priorities. The lack of such a possibility would be a huge problem for any site that has or foresees to have more than one language.




I think it is now supported in the latest version. If you go to the language translation page and search for your site name. I think it'll show up there.

Thanks for the advice, but it doesn't work that way. When I go to the page:


and look for the name of the site entered at:


(filter for string that contains site name)

the result is "No strings available."


I tested just now on a fresh install and it worked for me. You may need to first visit the other language first for it to show up as a string. Try clear cache too. If that doesn't work may need to see if there's an issue if the site already had translations enabled before you upgraded to 1.13.1. I'm not sure.

think a workaround is disable/enable the locale module.

I tried that, but it's not working for me. The site indeed already had translations enabled before I upgraded to 1.13.1. I made it with BD 1.12.6.

I visited pages with different languages, cleared caches, deactivated and activated language, locale and content translation modules but at the end I could not find site name as translatable string.


I confirm that I made a brand new installation of BD 1.13.1 where site name can be translated OK. Thanks! A lot! Great work!

The problem remains for older versions of BD, when an update has been made to the latest version, but I am sure this problem will be solved.

Thanks again.