Are there any plans to set up an automatic "clone", staging or updates through Softaculous?

When running large numbers of websites and utilizing so many different stand alone programs, it saves so much time when we can simply click on one button through Softaculous to clone, stage and upgrade multiple sites without having to log into each individual website admin section.

Just My Thoughts



Thanks for the feedback oadaeh

We know that Softaculous has the "install" feature with one button install. That is how we installed the versions we are using.

However, there are some other CMS programs on Softaculous that also allow you to "stage" a site, meaning you can make test changes to the site without the public being able to see the changes until you are ready for public viewing, then one you have all the bugs worked out, with the click of one button, your new version replaces the old version.

The clone feature Softaculous offers for some sites, is what we use to test out upgrades on programs that do not offer the "Stage" option or to move a full site to a different domain name.

Sadly, we never know how many options Softaculous offers for a particular CMS program until we install it and that is when we discovered the setup they offered for Backdrop did not offer the clone, upgrade or stage" feature on the particular box we are using for our primary site.

However, since we use multiple boxes and hosting companies, we will check with a couple of other companies to see if they offer those features and if not, we might be able to pay a bit extra to get them to set it up for us, IF as you say, those features are available through Backdrop.



@FTW - I think you are asking for the ability to install a site with Softaculous, add a bunch of features and then clone that site to create multiple environments. Maybe something like what Pantheon offers, the ability to click one button and have dev, test, and live versions of the same site.

If so, I don't believe that there is anything we can do about that. You would need to submit a request to Softaculous. I see the value of that service. 

I wonder if there are any Backdrop CMS hosting companies that offer that service? I am not aware of any right now. 

I have created scripts that allow us to clone our sites on the server, but at this time this is an internal feature and not something that is available for clients. 

Does anyone else have any ideas?