I just joined and am starting to experiment with BackdropCMS. Great project!!

In doing so, error messages came up while I was experementing with themes. I couldn't find any answers online, but I also failed in keeping records of these messages. The error messages included blank screen, DB not accessible, ...

But, sharing the solution I found might still help others.

I found that in the process of activating and deactivating themes, restoring backups and copying directories back into the installation, I ended up with two themes set to (default theme).

This was not easy to spot - because one of them was below the line of the Disabled Themes and further down, not easily noticable. I found it by "Inspecting the element" in my brower, telling me that the active style.css was of the other theme not even activated.



Are you sure that disabled there was somehow set as the default theme, or could it simply have been that the actual default theme used that other disabled theme as a 'base' (which would explain why its CSS was being used)?

Thanks for the quick response. Might have been, i still need to get my head around this.
I forgot to add the solution and that might cleaar things up.

The deactivated theme (Bartik) below "the line" showed up as (default theme).

While the theme that was on top (Tatsu) which also showed up as (default theme), didnot function as that.

Solution - I enabled Bartik agin. It went to the top and Tatsu went back into its proper place lower down. Cleaning caches in between, of course. All is back to normal with the error messages gone.