I have a content type with a term reference field. The term reference field allows for many different terms per field, using an autocomplete widget.  I can enter many terms like this <red, green, blue, purple, yellow>

When I display this field in a view, the terms are listed in the same order they are input. I would love to be able to automatically sort them alphabetically in the view. 

Any thoughts on how to do this?

Is there a module for this? I'm not finding any setting in views.


Is it not possible to do it this way:

List terms tab - at the top of the form
Reset to alphabetical - at the bottom of the form

Another idea is to use different Sort order options in the particular View.

From my experience, I know that the sorting options increase in number with the addition of contextual filters and relationships related to the specific vocabulary and tags.

@amilenkov - Thanks for the "reset to alphabetical" suggestion. However, it does not solve my problem. This reset reorders the tags in the list of available tags, however it does not change the order they are stored in individual nodes OR how they are displayed when the list of tags for a specific node is added to a view. 

I can not find any sort order option in views, when you are simply displaying the list of tags for a specific node in a view of nodes.

You may be correct, that other options are possible. 

I think that @Olafski is correct, that I could create a contextual view of tags for a specific node and then display that as a view within a view. But, I am lazy and that seems like too much work.