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Is there anyone intending to port these two modules, and if so what is needed to make it happen?



It might be helpful to add links to those modules so others can see what they are without having to hunt (I've never heard of either).


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Here's a useful guide for how to go about porting a module:

To see if anyone has started porting a given module, search for "backdrop-port" in the D7 module's issue queue to see if anyone else has started. You can also search for the module's machine name in the repositories to see if someone has started something there.

Hi @knight218

Had a quick look and these modules look interesting.  There don't seem to be any existing requests for these in here:

That would be the first port of call.  Create a new issue for each and select port request.  Are you thinking you might have a go or are you hoping someone else will.

For the benefit of anyone else looking:


Community Media (though now seems to all be on

I note this depends on Organic Groups.  Work is ongoing on this and some parts are stable but it hasn't been officially released so that could prove to delay things until that happens. 

I couldn't work out just how wide this project is so you may want to include links to all relevant parts if you request this; there seems to potentially be quite a few sub projects -

Hi @DianeBAS

It doesn't look like there are any port requests for these modules and they do not appear in so it doesn't look like anybody has tried anything unless its in somebody own repo.

On the positive news, Organic Groups is making good progress so it may be that will prove an enabler for Community Media to happen.

If you're interested in these modules please feel free to add requests as per the guidance and link above.