I am new to Backdrop CMS. I have been around CMS and developing web sites for some time now. I am french and I assist friends and family in creating web sites.

I am currently experiencing a quite unusual problem.

The site is still in development : https://lesmegeresdelhumus/backdrop.

I was modifying the External Links module to exclude the Facebook and Instagram links from it with regex. It worked fine but then 2 problems occurred.

First, the display of the front page was broken.

Second, I could not log any more into my account as an authenticated user or as an admin.

I must say I am getting fond of this new CMS and I hope I can solve this issue without resinstalling the whole package.

Thanks for your support.



Hi quiligus. Welcome to Backdrop CMS.

What exactly is the problem with logging in? I tested the link you posted and I get "This site can't be reached". Is that what you are seeing? Or do you see your site?

If you see your site, then, what are you getting when you try to log in?

Hi argiepiano and thank you for you reply.

Sorry for the error in the link. Site is located at : https://lesmegeresdelhumus.fr/backdrop.

The first problem I was experiencing was that the display of the front page was different as  expected and the second problem was that I could not anymore log into the site with an error being "Submission failed". So I could not reverse the changes I made to External Links.

The problem appeared after having modified the regex within the External Links module. The regex was OK as no error were reported when I saved the changes.

To reverse the changes to External Links module I had to load manually the bee Module in order to 'bee disable extlink'.

I think the external links module is bugged if you try to use the regex to exclude specific links from its target.

Are you using this module ? If yes are you experiencing this problem ? Or would you be kind enough to make a test and let me know what happened ?



Also, the subject says "Submission failed after modifying regex in External Links module". What submission? 

Try reverting any changes you made to the "regex". Perhaps you messed up the syntax, which is creating the problem.

Yes. But as I could not log anymore into my site. I had to load the bee module to run commands from a terminal which hopefully allowed me to connect again.