I'm gradually developing an online store using Backdrop and Ubercart.
I've got a number of modules working. Most of them have been easy to install and set up.

For some reason, I'm able to install, but not to enable the Ubercart Discounts module.

Whenever I tick the enable checkbox, and then click "Save Configuration", I get this error message:


syntax error, unexpected ')'

Has anyone else encountered this, while enabling new modules?

Does it seem more likely that this is a coding error in the module, or a problem with the configuration of my site? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the module. No joy so far.


It there a line number and/or file name in the error? 

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Odd. I just tried enabling UC Discounts on a test site with no problem. I'll echo @argiepiano: is there a line number and/or file name in the error? If not on the screen, is there more info in the watchdog log?