When updating core or modules via


the form is submitted via a button NO UPDATE SELECTED.

But even after selecting something to update the button name remains NO UPDATE SELECTED - only the color changes.

This is not a hindrance to the update, it just creates a bit of confusion and is good to fix.


Yes, I confirm that the EU Cookie Compliance module is installed on the site. As well as that after deactivating this module (without uninstalling) the problem disappears. And after re-activation the problem is present again.

But there is something strange.

I installed the EU Cookie Compliance module on another site, but this does not create a problem with NO UPDATE SELECTED - when selecting an update module on the other site, DOWNLOAD SELECTED UPDATES as a text on button and it is displayed correctly after some module is selected for update.

It seems that it is not enough to only activate the EU Cookie Compliance module to cause the problem, but also to combine other factors at the same time - for example other modules or specific settings of the EU Cookie Compliance module.

If you write where to check I will do more tests.

I may have found what is causing the NO UPDATE SELECTED issue to appear as the module update button text.

This text appears when the cookie message of the EU Cookie Compliance module (We use cookies on this site to enhance your experience.) is confirmed by the visitor and this is saved as a cookie by the visitor's browser (in this case my browser).

After deleting the cookies from my browser, instead of NO UPDATE SELECTED, after selecting a module to download an update, the text DOWNLOAD SELECTED UPDATES is displayed.

I reconfirmed the use of cookies (We use cookies on this site to enhance your experience.) and immediately the NO UPDATE SELECTED problem appeared when selecting a module to update.