Backdrop doesn't include what themes look like on the themes page. ( )

I don't know why, and I don't want to open twenty links, so I wrote a bit of JavaScript to put the screenshot image under the title - hit F12 and paste it into the console to see what the themes with screenshots look like (that's only half of them, but better than nothing).

jQuery('.project-search__results h3 a[href^="/project"]').each
        var ThemeId = $(this).attr('href').replace('/project/','');
        $(this).after('<img src="/files/styles/project/public/theme-screenshots/'+ThemeId+'.png" style="display:block;margin:1em;" />');


Hi there Peter

We're working on adding more features and information to the project listings here, but this seems like a good request that doesnt have to wait till we've made any more progress there. 

Could you open a feature request on the Main site issue queue?


Just seeing this message about 2 hours after I created screen shots for all existing themes. 

It was part of a larger effort to survey what is available in terms of themes for Backdrop CMS and what the current status of all the themes are. 

I've put all my data, including links to screenshots into a Google Doc (hoping to create a blog post soon).