According to this list: Inline Entity Form has not been ported. I've done some looking around and can't find this or anything like it. 

I am using the node reference module to link nodes to each other. It would be great to be able to create a new 'referenced node' from within another node edit form, instead of needing to exit the node you are creating, create the node you want to reference, then return to the original node and finish it. 

Any thoughts on the best way to do this in BackdropCMS today? 
Is the Inline Entity Form module a useful module to port - or does BackdropCMS need a custom solution for this?

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You might also try References Dialog. I've used it a lot in Drupal, and I prefer it to Inline Entity Form. The module allows (while you're in a node form) to create or edit other nodes in a modal window. Haven't tested the Backdrop version so far, but according to "it works well enough".


I've used Inline Entity Form a few times on Drupal and it seems like it has definite use cases. If you're up for porting it, I say go for it. (100k+ installations on Drupal is also a vote of confidence)

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Now I remember that I had actually tested the module (but not have used it on a production site). I can confirm that it works quite well functionality wise. In my opinion, it could need some finetuning regarding the styling of the modal window for a better usability but it's however usable.

Inline Entity Form requires entity reference which has been mostly ported (tests need some work) but doesn't have a release yet (waiting on whether people are okay with two references modules or a third to combine them all).