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Having come to Backdrop from Drupal 8, and I must say I love Backdrop, I am missing the IMCE File manager. I am busy moving the sites I manage to Backdrop, so have copied my images to the Backdrop Site, but cannot pick them when adding an image. I have to add the path manually. The problem is especially bad when using Paragraphs. You are forced to browse to an image on your computer and upload it, you cannot just add the path.

I have searched the Backdrop Modules and Forum for posts on this, but cannot find anything.

Am I missing a module which would do the job, or will I just have to go with it for now?

Accepted answer

IMCE file manager is ported and works as should. Happy migration!


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Doh!! How did I miss that!

Thanks for being so polite.


You should be able to browse an image library in the WYSIWYG editor image button ("Select from library"), and this functionality is being extended to also work with image fields in 1.15.

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Thank you for the additional information. I am delighted it will be available in 1.15


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Unfortunately this is not working in 1.15. I have tried with a Paragraph containing two images and text, also created a Content type with two images and text.

You cannot select from Library, only files you have currently uploaded, and you cannot navigate the folders to locate a file.


This means I cannot have a generic Paragraphs setup because I want different Content in different folders.

I have checked permissions, and have the IMCE setup for an Editor Role. But this is a problem even entering items as the Administrator.

Am I missing something?