I am new to Backdrop. In a former life I was a Drupal sitebuilder and organizer of SANDcamp (may it rest in peace). I am using Backdrop for a non-profit two friends and I started here in San Diego called San Diego Bicycle Collective to host a simple one content type table of bikes in our inventory with one view for the public and one view for the administrators. You can see it at http://sdbc.customersuccessmarketing.com. I was able to dive in and work quickly, so I am LOVING Backdrop.

I want to use the Bike content type NID as each bikes "Serial Number" within our system.
I have the NID displaying in the two views no problem.
But I would like to have a non-code way to display the NID on the Bike content display page.
I am thinking maybe the Computed Field module, but I couldn't figure out the PHP code involved there and am hoping there is an easier way.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance, Doug


Hi Doug, and welcome to the Backdrop CMS Forum! Glad to hear you are enjoying Backdrop.

There may be other ways to accomplish what you want. The Views route is a good way if that works for you. You can even use the path node/% for the view itself and use the nid as contextual filter. This will override the default node page (and it will also work with aliases!). I think that's the easiest and most efficient way.

Otherwise, you can create a Layout (Structure > Layouts) to override the node/% path. Remove the "Main content page" block, and instead insert separate blocks for each of the fields in your node. You will need to install the contrib module Node Property Block so that you can insert blocks to display the NID and the node title.