I was wondering if there is a module for users to send private messages to each other.


I tried searching for it myself, all I could find was Privatemsg for Drupal 7. It seems to have been moved here. but still not successful


Are there any other modules on Backdrop CMS?


thank you  

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I have a client that might need it so I'll be helping to get https://github.com/backdrop-contrib/privatemsg/ working properly.

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The initial port has been released. There were a bunch of errors that needed to be fixed.


+1 Coincidence - I just found this searching for the same thing. ... I just realized you may have been talking about across a live site. I was thinking specifically here on the forum.

Hi, I would be interested too by such module in BackDrop to interact between users inside the website without sending external e-mails. The number of messages should be limited in total number per user, size for each message or per user, number of messages sent per day, a little warning on the web page to user when there is a new message, if it has been read or not by the targeted user. It's a kind of mini forum driven, not addressed to forum topics but to users. I don't know how the Private Messages module was for D7 and never used it.


I appreciate your work.

I am testing the original Private Messages module on a fresh D7 install. It's awesome. A few comments I would add:

It's should be re-branded Internal Messages because all messages should be monitored. A website owner is legally responsible to Authorities of what is going on in the platform, watch that all exchanges between users are legal and not for plotting notorious activities. All messages should be at least regularly reviewed.

There is a warning for new incoming messages with a red new tag next to the subject title. That's for the newest messages received but there is no feature to see that the messages sent have been read or are still unread by participants. As there could be many participants per message sent, a code would be appropriate to differentiate them as colored red pseudo for unread and green or black for read with the date it occurred (could be the alt statement when hovering it).

I am looking forward to see this module added to the BackDrop list.

The initial port has been released. There were a bunch of errors that needed to be fixed.

The latest version is working nicely. Thanks for porting it. There is a missing i18n_string module for internationalization. Is it compulsory for websites other than English?