Several of my posts got lost. I am recreating them, as @stpaultim suggested.

If I have a collection of data in a spreadsheet (or exported to a csv file), is there a way to generate nodes from it -- one node for each line?


We are sorry that your posts got lost. 

I think the main suggestion in our previous discussion was to use the Feeds module. We provided links to a couple of tutorials, which I have since added to the Wiki for the Feeds module.

The Feeds module allows you to map fields in a spreadsheet to those in a content type and bulk upload data. 

@stpaultim - Thank you! I just wish we knew what happened. :)

Yes, that's what I recall. I probably have the emails with the responses (not mine but everyone else's). I could repost them here... but I think with your updating the page with the tutorial links, there's not really a need. Thanks for that.

ETA: Forgot to mention, I'm getting the site upgrade deployed and will come back to adding nodes from the spreadsheet after that.