I get a time-out when trying to install modules:


Encountered an error when trying to fetch results from Backdrop. Error -110 : Connection timed out

I have to wait-out this bug (?) every time I try to install another module. But I can download and install from file OK.

Any idea?


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Hi Egmund,

this seems like a network problem. Where is your Backdrop installed? Do you have access to the internet from there, or are there firewall restrictions?

I have to wait-out this bug (?)

That's rather not a bug in Backdrop, but something outside of it. If you provide some infos about your setup, we'll try to help as much as possible.

Thank you for taking time responding.

Yes, seems like network problem somewhere - but. I could from the same computer (Linux & Firefox or Chrome )easily connect and download for manual install, but from inside my backdrop installation there were time-out every morning for several days (the days I tried).

My computer here have fiber to the www, so; fast. The backdrop install in question is on a shared (host) server in Germany, which is usually - and for everything non-backdrop - very fast. (Not fair: Only the adding of modules from inside the install have time-outs.). Server in DE should be fine, since manual install was fast and without problems.

Since there is a work-around - don't spend too much time on this. Unless others report the same thing.

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The backdrop install in question is on a shared (host) server in Germany...

Interesting - which provider? Maybe someone else here in this forum has been facing the same problem and has a solution.

Another question: does checking for updates work?

Go to /admin/reports/updates and hit the "Check manually" button. If that works, then access to external resources is working, otherwise your provider might restrict it.

Do you have a proxy in front of your website (if you know that)?

Hetzner Online GmbH

Right now - being afternoon here - the search for new modules works just fine. Next time I see the 'flaw' I will test as suggested.

No idea what proxy they use. I have the cheap solution; shared hosting. They run the server. CLOUDLINUX 7.9 & LiteSpeed webserver.

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Hetzner Online GmbH

Hey, wait, what? I do have Backdrops on Hetzner webspaces and never had any trouble with module install or updates. Core updates via UI are fine, too. (No proxy, by the way.)

Which PHP version did you configure?

...being afternoon here

Exactly like here I guess. :-D

PHP 7.3.30 currently

The hosting is through a reseller in Denmark, but that shouldn't change anything.

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The hosting is through a reseller in Denmark, but that shouldn't change anything.

I agree, that shouldn't cause problems.

Another thought... maybe it was a temporary thing.

Several services (unrelated to Backdrop) had trouble recently, because an intermediate certificate for Letsencrypt expired. I don't think, that you'd be able to verify that as root cause, but it's worth consideration. Or it was a temporary DNS problem.

So, if the timeouts only happened recently and don't come back - relax and enjoy Backdrop. ;-)

Yes, it is hard to see it was a backdrop thing, but other sites, drupal & ModX had no problems those mornings.

Let's see if it comes back.

Thank you for taking time with this.

Have the same problem again.

It is a new installation and the certificate is probably not set properly yet. I think the https certificate is the problem.


Edit: tested other/older installs: Same problem, so probably not certificate - on the other hand; they are on same server.