I'm trying to get Tokens into one or two blocks, but cannot see any way of doing this.

I've just installed the Token Filter module which appears to assist getting tokens into textareas, however I'm used to having a popup list of tokens in Drupal in order to choose what I want.

How do tokens work in Backdrop, please?


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  • I installed the module "Token Filter"
  • chose "Replace Tokens" at /admin/config/content/formats/filtered_html (or other formats you have defined)
  • Managed to enter [site:name] in the body text field
  • get site name displayed

...but honestly I did not find a token list, except in the Meta module, there's a link called "Browser available tokens", which works. So I am also looking for help here... In D7 there was a module "Token insert" for getting them in to WYSIWYG fields.


I don't see any code in the Token Filter module that would show a list of available tokens.  Sadly. Someone would need to add that capability. You can add an issue to the project on GitHub.