I needed to upload a lot of images to the site and I did not want to do it manually. I uploaded the zip, extracted and then I was trying to import the files but the image library wont show my files and imce, file browser woudnt either. I decided to troubleshoot instead of uploading and setting up the layout manually. I finally got the file browser to work but it wont import the images and gives me an error: "this does not exist in the db" and I dont know what sql command can import images.

I was trying to configure BD to use /mnt/lotsaspace/partition for uploaded files and I ended up making a mobius filesystem. I used symlinks as a workaround since I could not figure out how to have the private file path outside the /var/www/site folder. It wants to prefix the path with /var/www/site/files/ it ends up like /files/mnt/../partition. Either the imce, file fields, file browser modules copied the filesystem several times. Theres even the symlinks in there that lead to the beginning of the directory. Ive spent several days trying to figure this out and I think I should just post a question before I break everything.

Is there a better way to configure the file paths or is best done with api or something else?


You could use the Feeds module to in effect, import them from the saved location... it's what I've done a few times.

Another option is the bulk file uploader... but if they are already on the server I'd use feeds.

side note... for feeds, use a spreadsheet to create a CSV file... then import with feeds.

I've just done the same with 2500 images in an image gallery.