Hi Folks, Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I was hoping someone could suggest some next steps for me to try. I've been running BackdropCMS for a couple months. Now I'm trying to get CiviCRM running on top of it. If I log out of BackdropCMS and back in again (admin), clicking on a CiviCRM link produces this (CiviCRM) warning box (see image 1).

Then, if I touch anything, the warning disappears and I have an empty page (see image 2).

Now, if I log out and back in again, I can get back to the warning box. Of course, as soon as I touch anything, it will disappear again. Any thoughts much appreciated.  I'll see you at Backdrop Live on Sep 23-24. 


Incremental progress. From CiviCRM's StackExchange: https://civicrm.stackexchange.com/questions/42232/installation-on-backdr... In Sep. 2023, latest versions of both BackdropCMS (1.25.1)& CiviCRM (5.64.3) support PHP 8.0-8.1. However, CiviCRM is recommending earlier / PHP 7.4 until extensions ecosystem catches up. https://docs.civicrm.org/installation/en/latest/general/requirements/

If CiviCRM is installed but admin pages can't be accessed, try this URL: domain.url /index.php?q=civicrm/admin&reset=1 

Now I have another problem. If I want to uninstall the CiviCRM module (in order to reinstall it), it appears that I can't. The checkbox in the module list (on the Backdrop admin page) is grayed out. I cannot uncheck it in order to uninstall the module. How is a module uninstalled if the checkbox can't be unchecked? I can delete the entire civicrm module folder, but that is not a clean uninstall. Any advice? Not out of the woods yet, but making small progress, thanks.  I have made a few updates to this post with possible more to come.

In order to uncheck that box you will need to check what other modules are enabled that have Civicrm as requirements, and uncheck/save those firstly.

If that doesn't work for you, you have other options:

  • Best: restore from earlier backup
  • Nastiest: manually modify the System table of the DB, setting the status to 0 for the Civicrm module, saving, and flushing caches, then watching for any errors due to requirements going missing and functions disappearing unexpectedly. Then you can figure out by inspecting the source code what is missing, and why, and rectify it. I did warn you; this is a nasty way of doing it.

I have struggled to get Civicrm running properly on a new install with PHP8.0 early last year, and gave up, because it was not ready. Trying to roll it back out of the system was difficult, as you are finding; I gave up and reinstalled from earlier backup.

Thank you so much, onyx. You are helping me in multiple ways. My long-term druthers (wishes) are still to run CiviCRM on BackdropCMS, but I think I need a little more experience before taking on the project.