I have a problem with the colobox module; I use it to view a video in a window smaller than the browser; I use it as a widget in a view in correlation with a video field.. until now everything was working but recently, following some update I guess, the parameters related to the size of the window are no longer taken into account and the window occupies the WHOLE browser and I do not understand why ..... Do you have an idea of the reason for this malfunction?


nobody has the slightest idea ?

I can't help I'm afraid as I don't use that module.  There are a lot of people, including the people who look after this module who are on USA time and may not be able to respond immediately.

Hopefully, someone who uses the module will be able to help you soon.

@philippeg, I don't use Colorbox, but I'd suggest you open an issue in its issue queue. You may get a quicker response there. It'd be good to also include some screenshots of your views colorbox configuration.



Also, when you say "video field" what do you mean exactly? A Link (core) field? A YouTube (contrib) field? A file (core) field?

it's seems that put a size on the windows, i have done many tests, has no effect at all; it takes all the area available in the browser ...

I don't understand why this can help me ?

This is at least a vector of searching reason of problem.

This problem may be connected with the fact that YouTube links are not internal Backdrop paths and after last issue "colorbox_load is now restricted to internal Backdrops paths only"

I do not know, just trying to help.

I have been able to reproduce the problem. This is a problem not only with Views, but also with the display of content that contains Youtube fields. In theory, selecting a "Youtube thumbnail" display format for the Youtube field in the content type "Manage display", and choosing "Link image to colorbox" should use Colorbox to display the video when the thumbnail is clicked - it doesn't. Instead the browser opens the Youtube video itself, rather than embedding it in a Colorbox.

It's unclear if the issue with with the Colorbox module, or the Youtube Colorbox one (which is bundled with the Youtube field). I suspect it's the latter.  Colorbox had a recent security update, and perhaps the Youtube colorbox module was not adjusted.

I'd suggest you start by posting an issue in the Youtube field module queue.  

amilenkov is probably right. The module YouTube Field Colorbox  will probably need to be fixed to account for the changes in Colorbox. Best way to approach this is to report this in the YouTube Field issue queue.

This problem is also affecting Drupal - see this issue in D7 Colorbox. 

There is also a fix (posted just yesterday). This uses a separate library (DOMPurify), and it will take some work to integrate it into Backdrop's Colorbox. 

Thanks for your answers; i just saw that you opended an issue on this case based, if i well understand, on an existant case on D7 ... how does it works, now, for Backdrop? 

Now we have to hope that someone (perhaps one of the Colorbox maintainers) will pick up the issue, adapt it to Backdrop, and provide a pull request to fix it. It may be helpful for you to post a response to my issue saying that you would like to see this issue addressed. 

with the 1x-2.15 version of colorbox i have no longer this problem ..

Of course. But version 2.16 was released to fix a security risk of 2.15 and prior versions. If you are OK with the risk, then staying with 2.15 is a temporary solution.