migrated Drupal  7 website to backdrop  and  Ubercart product image is not displayed



Hi stealth. Was this a single-site installation, or a multisite installation of Drupal 7?

If this was a single-site installation, be sure to copy the files D7 folder located at sites/default/files, and put it inside your Backdrop site's files AND in sites/default/files as well (just in case your new site actually uses sites/default/files as the location for the public files). You can check if that's the case by visiting admin/config/media/file-system.) You will need to merge the content of the D7 files folder with the content present there after the upgrade.

I had already moved my sites/default/files from my D7 site, but no image. All my other images populate. could it be a module issue? I will try merging again. see image below. the images is never rendered. Thank you for the quick response.

The photo you posted seems like the shopping cart content. Is the image showing when you actually see the product before you add it to the cart?

Yes, here is the add to cart page

I think this is the issue, when I migrated D7 to Backdrop, the database didnt migrate correctly , but I dont kno how to fix


INSERT INTO variable (name, value) VALUES ('uc_image_product', 's:17:"field_image_cache";');


MySQL said: Documentation

#1062 - Duplicate entry 'uc_image_product' for key 'PRIMARY'

At what point do you see this error?

This was an error in my php admin SQL database. but it is no longer there, but I  havent been able to get the shopping cart thumb nail image to display. Any help will be much appreciated